Technical Program – Oral Sessions

The 2015 GCAGS Technical Program includes the following:

Monday Morning Oral Program

  • Gulf Mega-Regional Seismic Interpretation
  • U.S. Gulf Deepwater Fields I
  • Salt Tectonics – Gulf of Mexico and the World
  • Caribbean and Colombia Exploration
  • Extracting Hydrocarbons from Source Rocks

Monday Afternoon Oral Program

  • U.S. Gulf Deepwater Fields II
  • Geophysical Problem-Solving Technology
  • Global 3D Seismic Studies (GCSSEPM)
  • Mexico Exploration and Opportunities
  • Rock Samples and Reservoir Analysis
  • Advanced Studies of Petroleum Systems

Tuesday Morning Oral Program

  • Education and Leadership Forum I
  • Onshore Gulf of Mexico Exploration I
  • Groundwater Environmental Case Studies
  • Special Forum: Geologists as Leaders in Finance, Banking, and A&D

Tuesday Afternoon Oral Program

  • Education and Leadership Forum II
  • Panel Discussion: Geo-Generations – 60 Years of Family Fun in the Patch
  • Onshore Gulf of Mexico Exploration II
  • Environmental and Coastal Geology
  • Chemostratigraphy and Paleontology
  • Seismic Attributes and Geophysical Technology
  • New Ideas in Mapping and Exploration