Student Poster Sessions

Poster Session Chair: Meredith Faber

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Luis Carlos Carvajal
University of Houston
Western Caribbean Structural Provinces Based on 2D Kinematic Restorations of the Lower Nicaraguan Rise and Colombia Basin
Shenelle Gomez
University of Houston
Tectonic Evolution and Hydrocarbon Prospectivity of the Tobago Forearc Basin, Barbados Ridge, and Barbados Accretionary Prism
David Lankford-Bravo
University of Houston
Influence of Basement Dip on Morphological and Structural Characteristics of the Perdido-Port Isabel and Northern and Southern Mexican Ridges, Western Gulf of Mexico
Usama Yarbuh L.
The Interplay between Deformation, Erosion, and Sedimentation in the Deepwater Mexican Ridges Fold Belt, Western Gulf of Mexico Basin
Gift Ntuli
Baylor University
Ps Receiver Function Imaging of the Northeast Caribbean Plate Boundary
Patrick Loureiro
University of Houston
Hydrocarbon Potential of Hispaniola and Puerto Rico Based on Combining Depth to Basement and Maturity Information from Previous Wells
Maria Squier
University of Houston
Observing Oil Surface Area Due to Seepage in Lake Maracaibo
Khaled Amrouni
Texas A&M University
Sequence Stratigraphy, Chemostratigraphy, and Diagenesis of the Cyrenaican Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Successions, NE Libya
Khaled Amrouni
Texas A&M University
Sedimentology and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Upper Miocene Carbonate-Evaporite Sequence of the Wadi Yunis Member, Al-Khums Formation, Sirt Basin, Libya
William Bailey
University of Oklahoma
Fault Plane Geomorphology and Structural Analysis of a Middle Eastern Giant Carbonate Oil Field
Caroline Broderick
Louisiana State University
Tracing Suspended Sediment in the Subsurface Using Beryllium-7 Isotopic Data
Derek Sullivan
Stephen F. Austin University
Megaporosity Development within the Central Tennessee Basin: A Comparative Study of Karst in Middle-Upper Ordovician Strata
Michelle Rimmell
Stephen F. Austin University
Stratigraphy, Sedimentology, and Diagenesis of Ordovician Carbonates in Maury County, Tennessee
Ashley Landers
Stephen F. Austin University
Karst Development within the Salado Creek Watershed, Williamson and Bell Counties, Central Texas
Nur Ahmed
Auburn University
Mixing Mechanism and Salinity Ingression at the Coastal Aquifers of the Bengal Delta
Chang Liu
Louisiana State University
Monsoon Intensity and its Impact on the Chemical Weathering during Glacial Cycles in South China Sea
Yuting Li
Louisiana State University
Sediment Flux through the Indus Submarine Canyon, Arabian Sea
Pankaj Khanna
Rice University
Modeling Upper Cambrian Microbial Reefs: Bridging the Gap from Outcrops to Reservoir Scale
Lu Zhu
Southern Methodist University
Early Permian Paleosol Morphologies and Paleo-Atmospheric pCO2 Estimates, North-Central Texas
Ashley Ramsey
Baylor University
Assessing the Radiocarbon Landscape Reservoir Effect of Gastropods from Central Texas to Increase the Accuracy and the Precision of Radiocarbon Dating of Past River Systems
Drew Daymond
Auburn University
Trace Fossil Origin for Pervasive Pyritized Films in the Estuarine Ingersoll Shale, Cretaceous Eutaw Formation, Eastern Alabama
Christopher Odezulu
Rice University
Follets Island: A Case Study of a Dying Barrier Island
Kyle Ayers
Stephen F. Austin University
Geochemical Analysis of Stanley Shale Concretions in Southern Oklahoma
Matthew McCarter
University of Tulsa
Permeability Anisotropy Study of the Bluejacket Sandstone at OK-20 roadcut in Eastern Mayes County, OK
Kivanc Biber
University of Houston
Quantitative Characterization of Shale Drapes within the Tidally-Influenced Fluvial Valley Fill Deposits of the Ferron Sandstone, Utah:  Implications for Subsurface Exploration
Kyle Deatrick
University of Texas at El Paso
Depositional Facies and Geometry of an Exposed Megaflap: Pennsylvanian Honaker Trail Formation, Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Paradox Basin, Colorado
Shazia Hart
University of Texas of the Permian Basin
Study of the Ramsey Sandstone in the Bell Canyon Formation of the Delaware Basin Paduca Field, Lea County, New Mexico
Wesley Turner
Stephen F. Austin University
Quantitative Mineralogic Analysis of Wolfcamp Shale in Crockett County, Texas through X-Ray Diffraction
Caitlin Leslie
Baylor University
Reservoir Characterization and Petrofacies Model for the Devonian Grosmont and Upper Ireton Formations, Northeastern Alberta, Canada
Clint Miller
Rice University
Low Methane Concentrations in Sediment along the Siberian Slope: Inference from Pore Water Geochemistry
Katie McKay
University of Alabama
The Effects of Cave Ventilation on Stalagmite Deposition and Paleoclimate Records: A Case Study from Cathedral Caverns, Alabama
Maria Gutierrez
Texas A&M University
Study of the Spatial Variations in Aeolian Stratigraphic Architecture in the Norphlet Formation, Southwest Alabama.
Ziaul Haque
Auburn University
Detrital History of the Conglomerate Measures of the Pottsville Formation in the Cahaba Synclinorium, Southern Appalachians, Alabama.
Jason Fisher
Auburn University
Stratigraphy of the Toledo Formation, Belize Basin, Southern Belize
David King
Auburn University
Stratigraphic Correlation of Cretaceous-Paleogene (?KT?) Boundary Sections, Northern Belize
Mindy Shaw-Faulkner
Stephen F. Austin University
Paleostratigraphic Bio- and Lithofacies of the Owl Mountain Province, Fort Hood Military Installation, Bell and Coryell Counties, Texas
Adewale Amosu
Texas A&M University
An Angular Unconformity between the Woodbine and Eagle Ford Formations in Delta and Hunt Counties of the East Texas Basin
Meredith Bush
University of Texas at Austin
Laramide Deformation along the Southern Rocky Mountain Front Provenance Record from the Raton and Galisteo-El Rito Basins of Colorado and New Mexico
Alexander Cheney
University of Houston
Foreland Deformation Related to Precambrian Features of the Permian Basin of West Texas and New Mexico
Brady Nock
University of Texas at San Antonio
Comparison of Permeability Calculated from Geophysical Logs, Aquifer Tests, and Grain-Size Distribution at SAWS Aquifer Storage and Recovery Site, Bexar County, Texas
Ingrid Eckhoff
Stephen F. Austin University
Structural Control on Fluid Migration in the Northern Segment of the Edwards Balcones Fault Zone Aquifer, Central Texas
Derek Scott
University of Houston
Controls of Salt Tectonics and Shortening on Hydrocarbon Prospectivity in Passive Margin Fold Belts of Offshore Gabon
Allison Mast
University of Texas at El Paso
Petrographic, Halokinetic, and Structural Analysis of Permian-Age Carbonate Caprock at Gypsum Valley Salt Wall Paradox Basin, Colorado
Elizabeth Heness
University of Texas at El Paso
Salt Tectonic Controls on Facies and Sequence Stratigraphy of the Triassic Chinle Formation, Gypsum Valley Salt Wall, Colorado
Kenton Shaw
Baylor University
Geodetic Constraints on Deformation and Earthquake Focal Mechanisms in the Dominican Republic
Matt Worrell
Stephen F. Austin University
Seismic Reconstruction and Petroleum System Analysis of the Norphlet Formation in Mississippi Canyon, Gulf of Mexico, Using 3D Seismic Data
Yiduo Liu
University of Houston
Slab Tearing Triggered the Cretaceous Igneous Activity in the Northern Gulf of Mexico Region
Kevin Worley
Stephen F. Austin University
Spatial Delineation and Classification of Surficial Karst Manifestations Utilizing LiDAR, Fort Hood Military Installation, Central Texas
Lei Sun
University of Houston
Ground-Based Hyperspectral Remote Sensing and Terrestrial Laser Scanning of the Eagle Ford Formation
Kyle Altimore
Stephen F. Austin University
Delineation of Surficial Karst Manifestations Using LiDAR and Pictometry in Ordovician Carbonates, Central Texas
Garrett Harris
Stephen F. Austin University
Evaluation of Groundwater Quality in Paleozoic Aquifers Using GIS Techniques, Central Texas
Brittany Gregory
Louisiana State University
Trials of Near-Surface Geophysics at Archeological Sites in SE Louisiana
Mohit Agrawal
Baylor University
Receiver Functions and Surface Wave Dispersion Modeling of the Crust and Upper Mantle beneath the Texas Gulf Coast
Mason MacPhail
Southern Methodist University
Seismic Source Characterization of Small-Scale Contained Explosions Utilizing Near Source Empirical Data
Sasha Gumprecht
Royal Holloway University of London
Tectono-Stratigraphic Evolution of the Centaur 3D Survey, Exmouth Plateau, North West Shelf Australia
Samiha Naseem
Louisiana State University
Wavelet Transformation as a Reservoir Characterization Tool in the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale
Ryan Feiner
University of Alabama
Well Log Clustering Analysis and Upscaling Procedure of the Tuscaloosa Marine Shale, Mississippi and Louisiana
Shanna Mason
University of Louisiana at Lafayette
Structural Characterization of the Eagle Ford Formation, Val Verde County, Texas
Kaytan Kelkar
Texas A&M University
Thickness Variation of the Eagle Ford and Adjacent Strata in Burleson, Lee and Washington Counties, Texas
Joseph Sortore
University of Texas at Arlington
Fracture and Pore Network Connectivity in Shales Related to Increased Hydrocarbon Production
John Dabney
Texas A&M University
Using pXRF to Identify Pay Zones in Hydrocarbon-Rich Shales: A Litho-Geochemical Analysis of the Eagle Ford Shale
Talban Kantala
Stephen F. Austin University
Exploring the Weches Formation as a Potential Unconventional Oil and Gas Resource in Sabine County, Texas
Sarah Beers
Texas A&M University at Kingsville
Evidence of Precambrian Organic-Rich Shales in a Granitic Pegmatite, Llano County, Texas
Richard Goldberg
University of Texas, Arlington
Testing Radiogenic Strontium to Determine Provenance of Dissolved Solids in North Texas