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HGS booth at GCAGS

Exhibit Hours

Sunday, Sept. 20 6-8 pm

Monday, Sept. 21 8:30 am-6 pm

Tuesday, Sept. 22 8:30 am-1:00 pm


  • We are the repository of the science of exploration in the Gulf Coast.
  • We are by far AAPG’s largest Section and thus have more attendees than any other.
  • Our program tackles the challenges facing the practical side of our industry (more than 150 oral and poster presentations over two days).
  • We’re all about our networking events held in the exhibit hall!
  • Looking to meet the leaders of tomorrow? GCAGS delivers young professionals and students in healthy numbers – those who will be shaping the future very soon.

Houston is the not only the capital of the world’s energy business, it’s the center of GCAGS membership. Yet it’s been a decade and a half since the Houston Geological Society has served as exclusive host. We expect many participants drive in and check out the technology – your technology – on display. Join us!

Strong Numbers, Quality Participants*

  • 90% of participants deem GCAGS “Excellent” or “Good” as an effective venue for delivering exchange of ideas and network
  • 89% think the content of the oral sessions is Good or Excellent
  • 79% say the same for the poster sessions
  • 82% say the exhibition is of high quality (Good or Excellent)
  • Next to oral sessions, poster sessions, and online registration (all givens), the exhibition is considered the most important feature of the convention
  • Underrepresented products in the exhibit hall include field gear and instrumentation and seismic interpretation systems, according to attendees
  • Fully 27% of 2014 attendees were managers, senior staff geologists, or owners, partners or officers in their companies
  • Only 10% listed themselves as “Other” (exhibitors, staff, etc.), making GCAGS a attractively client-heavy marketing venue
  • 18% were students
  • While 46% of atten dees were over 50, a full 37% were under 40
  • Two-thirds said they were not involved in unconventional resource plays, making GCAGS an excellent source of potential clients who can adapt quickly to the ever-changing landscape of the market

* Source: registration demographics & post-show survey, GCAGS 2014

How to Reserve Space & What You Get

It’s easy. Simply refer to the GCAGS 2015 Floor Plan (PDF) and use the downloadable space Application & Contract Form (PDF) to specify where in the hall you would like to be located and how much space you require. Print out the application and apply by mail with check, or if you prefer, by email or fax, in which case we’ll notify you of your provisional booth assignment and send an invoice to pay by check or online using a credit card to secure your spot in the hall.

Each 100-sq.ft. space (10×10 is the minimum size) rents for $1250 and includes the following:

  • 1 skirted table, 2 chairs, a wastebasket plus carpet, pipe & drape in show colors
  • 24-hr. perimeter security
  • Your company description listed online and in the printed program book
  • 2 complimentary FULL registrations for every 100-sq.ft. rented (valid for all social events taking place in the hall; additional “booth worker” badges are available at nominal cost)
  • VIP client passes for exhibitors 300 sq.ft. and larger

As you examine the floor plan, please note that all booths face “north” (or “up”) or “south” on the floor plan, except for the perimeter booths, which face inward toward the center of the hall. Perimeter booths’ signage height can extend to 12 ft.; otherwise it’s 8 ft. – unless you rent 400 sq.ft. or more. There is only one entrance to the hall, past the registration/information area which is situated in the hall as well. Most important, all convention activities will be located on Level 3 of the Convention Center.

Non-Profit Exhibitors: We haven’t forgotten you! Look for information coming your way soon on how to secure space at a fraction of what commercial-rate exhibitors do!

For an up-to-date floor plan and exhibitor list, contact:

GCAGS Exhibits
P.O. Box 3471
Tulsa, OK 74101-3471
Phone & Fax: +1-918-585-1004