Opening Session and Awards Ceremony

5:00 pm – 6:00 pm
Sunday, September 20, 2015
GRB Convention Center, Room 310ABC
Entrance by badge only

GCAGS President Charles Sternbach, GCSSEPM President Thomas Hearon, and General Chair Larry Bartell will welcome attendees to the 65th annual GCAGS Convention. They will honor individuals for exemplary service, presentations, and papers at the GCAGS/GCSSEPM Awards Ceremony. There will also be an opportunity to meet candidates for the 2016 AAPG officer positions.

The GCAGS/GCSSEPM Awards Ceremony recognizes the 2015 recipients of GCAGS and GCSSEPM special honors, as well as the awardees of the best presentations and best published papers in the 2014 GCAGS Transactions and GCAGS Journal, all of whose works have made important contributions to GCAGS and the advancement of geosciences.

The awards for the evening will be:

  • 2015 GCAGS Transactions Dedication – John Amoruso
  • 2015 GCAGS Distinguished Service Awards – Dallas Dunlap, Mike Quinn, and Mike Fein
  • 2015 GCAGS Honorary Membership – Steve Hill
  • 2015 Owen R. Hopkins Outstanding Earth Science Teacher Award – Ilena Krupala
  • 2015 GCSSEPM Doris Curtis Malkin Medal – Paul Weimer
  • 2015 GCSSEPM Distinguished Service Award – Rick Beaubeouf
  • 2015 AAPG Gulf Coast Section Imperial Barrel Award
    • 1st Place – University of New Orleans
    • 2nd Place – University of Louisiana at Lafayette
    • 3rd Place (tie) – University of Texas at Austin and Stephen F. Austin State University
  • 2014 AAPG Gulf Coast Section A. I. Levorsen Memorial Award – John Snedden, Ian O. Norton, Gail L. Christeson, and Jason C. Sanford, “Interaction of Deepwater Deposition and a Mid-Ocean Spreading Center, Eastern Gulf of Mexico Basin, USA”
  • 2014 Thomas A. Philpott Excellence of Presentation Awards
    • 1st Place – Randy Broussard and Abu K. M. Sarwar, “A Palinspastic Restoration for the Evolution of the Green Knoll Salt Dome in the Gulf of Mexico”
    • 2nd Place – Craig Fulthorpe, William E. Galloway, John W. Snedden, Patricia E. Ganey-Curry, and Timothy Whiteaker, “New Insights into Cenozoic Depositional Systems of the Gulf of Mexico Basin”
    • 3rd Place – Tim Bennett, “Seismic Amplitude Driven Marine Deltaic Facies Exploration – Examples of Stratigraphic Depositional Analogs in Southwestern Louisiana”
  • 2014 Gordon I. Atwater Best Poster Awards
    • 1st Place – Catherine B. Enomoto, “Well Log and 2D Seismic Data Character of the Wilcox Group in South-Central Louisiana”
    • 2nd Place – Dallas Dunlap, “High-Resolution 3D Imaging of Quaternary Channelization: Offshore San Luis Pass, Texas”
    • 3rd Place – Arther S. Waterman and Richard H. Fillon, “New Biostratigraphic and Paleoecological Strategies for Defining and Identifying the Basinward ‘Edges’ of Ancient Continental Shelf Systems”
  • 2014 Grover E. Murray Best Published Paper Awards
    • 1st Place – Kathleen S. Haggar, Les R. Denham, and H. Roice Nelson, Jr., “Aquifers, Faults, Subsidence, and Lightning Databases”
    • 2nd Place – C. Hans Nelson and John E. Damuth, “Selected Highlights for 50 Years of Turbidite Studies since the Introduction of the Bouma Sequence”
    • 3rd Place – Erik Scott and Wayne Abraham, “Evaluating the Stratigraphy of a Paleo-Stepped Slope Profile, Offshore Northwestern Borneo”
  • 2014 President’s Award for Outstanding Paper (GCAGS Journal, vol. 3) – Robert G. Loucks and Robert M. Reed, “Scanning-Electron-Microscope Petrographic Evidence for Distinguishing Organic-Matter Pores Associated with Depositional Organic Matter versus Migrated Organic Matter in Mudrock”