Field Trip #5: Galveston and the Brazos River Delta as Reservoir Analogs (1-Day)

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Dr. John Anderson, of Rice University, will lead a one-day field trip to Galveston, Texas, to instruct students on recent coastal and deltaic processes. Field trip co-leader will be Jeff Nittrouer, also of Rice University. The trip will include visits to sites along the Brazos River Delta. Dr. Anderson’s lifetime work has increased scientific and public awareness of the realities of global change and its impacts on coastal environments. He studies short-term and long-term impacts of accelerated sea-level rise, climatically induced alteration in sediment delivery to coasts, increased frequency of severe storms, and anthropogenic exacerbation of coastal change. This trip will be held Saturday, September 19, 2015 (8:00 am – 5:00 pm). Departure from and return to the Hilton Americas.

Maximum number of participants: 21 (4 Student spots)

Cost: $100 per person; $25 for students (includes transportation, lunch and refreshments, and guidebook)

This field trip focuses on the late Quaternary depositional systems of the upper Texas coast, including the Brazos River and its wave-dominated delta, the Oyster Creek meanderbelt, Follets Island, the San Luis Pass tidal delta, and Galveston Island.  The trip will emphasize the physical processes associated with shaping these various depositional environments, and will discuss the stratigraphic occurrence of sand bodies associated with these coastal systems.  There will be a focus on linking physical processes to the geological record, and also describing the sequence stratigraphic framework of the upper Texas coastal systems.  This is a one-day trip that departs from and returns to Houston.

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John Anderson

Dr. John Anderson

Jeff Nittrouer

Jeff Nittrouer