ABSTRACT: Agnihotri, et al.

Yogesh Agnihotri, Qiaofeng Wu, and Dekang Xu
CGG, 10300 Town Park Dr., Houston, Texas  77072

Salt Delineation Using Vector Offset Output (VOO) of Full Azimuth Data

Geophysical Problem-Solving Technology (GRBCC, Room 310ABC)
Monday, September 21, 2015, 1:35 PM

Vector offset output (VOO) is often used for post-migration image enhancement in complex subsalt areas to reduce the coherent noise in the data and improve the subsalt image.  It can also be used for salt geometry interpretation and for velocity model quality control.  We present a method for using VOO with full azimuth data to delineate complex salt structures.  The objective is to improve the subsalt images.  We show that different azimuth sectors can be used to delineate complex base of salt on a salt flood volume that may not be visible otherwise in a full stacked image.  Using synthetic and real data examples, we show how intermediate seismic volumes, such as a salt flood, can be heavily contaminated by mis-migrated energy, which can inhibit accurate interpretation.  We demonstrate how in these situations, VOO can help achieve a better salt geometry.