GCSSEPM logoThe Gulf Coast Section of the SEPM (GCSSEPM) was established in 1953 and is the largest and most active section of SEPM (Society for Sedimentary Geology). It was established for the purpose of “promoting the science of stratigraphy in the Gulf Coast states through research in paleontology and sedimentary petrology, especially as it relates to petroleum geology.”

The most important activities that occur throughout the year are cosponsoring the GCAGS annual convention and its published Transactions, and producing the annual Bob F. Perkins GCSSEPM Research Conferences and Conference Proceedings volumes.

The GCSSEPM Foundation serves as a trust for sponsoring research and research-related activities, including research grants, seminars, conferences, symposia, publications, and programs of continuing education in stratigraphy and the related sciences of paleontology and sedimentary petrology.

The GCSSEPM and the GCSSEPM Foundation are headquartered in Houston, Texas.

Visit the GCSSEPM website for more information.